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Chassis number 2M3216

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Chassisnumber 2M3216 Body colour
Body type Current not recorded. 2S, panelled when new. Trim colour
Body number MG / Carbodies / Condition
Status Active Last recorded change of owner 31 December 1986
Type / Model M-types Register number MMM 730
Engine number Type    
MG 2994A

Pictures Descriptions  

Racing in about the 1960's

Again in the late 1960s

Mike Dowley in middle of group. Photo by John Jarrett. Loton Park, ca 1970-74.

2M3356 on the left, 2M3216 on the right. Colin Butchers' NA0560 & Andrew Smith's PB0682 in the background. Unknown K-type on the far right. Photo by John Jarrett. Loton Park, ca 1970-74.

Mike Dowley. Loton Park. Photo by John Jarret.


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