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The Triple-M Register is a part of the M.G. Car Club, one of the largest and longest established one-make car clubs in the world.

The name derives from the ohc-engined MG Midget, Magna and Magnette cars built from 1929 to 1936 – hence ‘Triple-M’.

For over 50 years the M.G. Car Club Triple-M Register has been looking after the interests of the pre-war overhead cam M.G. models and helping owners throughout the world keep their cars on the road.

By maintaining a register of all known cars, we can preserve their history and provenance, whilst offering access to the best technical and spares expertise available anywhere.

Whether you are already enjoying Triple-M ownership or just thinking about it, these pages will have something to offer you. By joining the M.G. Car Club you automatically become a member of The Triple-M Register and you can be sure that you are doing the best for your car.

A detailed description of the purpose and operation of the Register, the guidelines applicable to listing and inclusion in the Register and the allocation of Register numbers are given on the ‘Register your Car’ page of this website.

If you have any helpful suggestions or if you are having problems with this site please contact us (E-mail webmaster).

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