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Chassis number 2M1675

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Chassisnumber 2M1675 Body colour Green
Body type M Factory Le Mans Trim colour
Body number MG / Carbodies / Condition Good
Status Active Last recorded change of owner 31 December 1986
Type / Model M-types Register number MMM 1822
Engine number Type    
MG 1030A

Pictures Descriptions  

Autocar October 1930 p942 C. H. D. Berthon on Litton Slack 1930 M.C.C. Sporting Trial

C. H. D. Berthon on the 1930 M.C.C. Sporting Trila

At the home of C. H. D. Berthon

C. E. Wood at the J.C.C.Members Day Brooklands July 1931


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